January 18, 2023

#CosellVelocity Digital Summit

The most comprehensive digital summit bringing cosell GTM players and cloud solution decision makers together to learn about and develop solution focused GTM strategies for cloud hyperscalers.

What You'll Learn

Build and Navigate

Learn how to build a cosell marketing journey for your solution with cloud hyperscalers

Understand how to develop

Learn how to develop cosell marketing materials and other B2B resources.

Leave with a solid action plan.

Leave the event with a solid GTM cosell marketing strategy. 

Benchmark your own journey

Learn how cosell ready your company is with our free Cloud Cosell Marketing Assessment

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Gain the Competitive Edge through Cosell Marketing Strategies with Cloud Hyperscalers

The standard way of doing business as we know it will be completely unrecognizable in the next 5 years and our traditional ecosystem that relies on building pipeline primarily through digital marketing won’t be enough. Competitive advantage is no longer being defined by what a company can do on its own, but how well cloud hyperscalers are able to develop mutually beneficial co-selling partnerships and laser focused marketing engines. 

The data speaks for itself.  Forrester predicts that marketplaces will see 17% of the total spend from B2B marketers this year and that 43% of enterprise buyers say their top reason for purchasing through marketplaces is to take full advantage of co-selling with cloud hyperscalers and that is why the #CosellVelocity Digital Summit was created. 

A must attend event for those coselling with cloud hyperscalers

Key Takeaway for All Attendees

Understand how to develop cosell marketing materials and other resources that will generate B2B leads

Get all your questions answered by the industry’s leading voices through our CoSell Marketing Clinic

Leave with a comprehensive roadmap to develop your own cosell marketing strategy

Become a sponsor and gain exclusive access to this audience and benefits that include

Showcasing your solution in front of companies leveraging cosell motions to attract B2B customers

Networking with industry leaders and experts

Generating demand for your company and solution

What to expect from the event

1 Day, 4-Hour Event

The Cosell Velocity Digital Summit is a one day, four hour virtual event on Jan 18th from 1-5p hosted on BrightTALK.

Benchmarking your Readiness

Come prepared by taking the Cloud Cosell Marketing Assessment by Meylah Corp and learn where your company needs the most help before the event even begins! 

Who's Attending

Cosell Alliance Managers, SAAS and Digital Marketers, Partner Development Managers, CRO’s and CEO’s cosell GTM players and cloud solution decision makers 

Get Your FREE Cosell Marketing Assessment

Prepare for the summit by taking the free assessment so you can maximize your presence and get help from our experts at the summit.

Take Assessment

Assess your cosell marketing readiness while identifying your cosell solution to market
Develop cosell go to market plan
Publish your cosell solution and offers
Execute cosell marketing while tracking your credibility markers, leads & contracts

Are you ready to join?

Are you ready to join the first cosell marketing with cloud hyperscalers digital summit with some of the industry’s top leaders and practitioners?

Learn from the Industry’s Leading Experts in Cosell Marketing with Cloud Hyperscalers

Check back as more speakers are being added weekly! 

Preview each session at the #CosellVelocity Digital Summit

An interactive day of impactful speakers, new perspectives and the creation of your first cosell marketing with hyperscalers plan.

Keynote: Cosell Marketing Trends

Cosell marketing has seen unprecedented growth so far in 2022 and there’s nothing slowing it down. From IoT, green data centers, and geographic emphasis learn what’s next.

Leading Cosell Marketing Strategy with the Right Fundamentals

Knowing the fundamentals of cosell marketing will help you not only find the right partner, but navigate the relationship once it has been established. 

Fireside Chat: Leading Cosell GTM Strategy for your Solution

Effective Cosell GTM Strategies rely on more than understanding your customer and target audience, but should emphasize a well-developed sales plan based on KPIs and thought out processes.

Panel: Industry Focused Cosell Marketing

An industry-focused cosell marketing strategy helps ensure customers stay engaged throughout the entire sales process and promotes a stronger renewal and retention percentage.

Workshop: How to do LinkedIn Marketing for B2B Leads

With over 750 million members, LinkedIn is a proven tool to help promote products to a professional audience many who are decision-makers. Learn to harness its power.

Workshop: How to do Community Marketing for B2B Leads

Community marketing is a  channel that is truly differentiated and creates real value. Bringing your audience together online is tough, but not after this session. 

Workshop: How to do Event Marketing for B2B Leads

87% of C-Suite executives believe in the power of event marketing.  Building a sales pipeline while focusing on customer retention and branding is a set of skills that any marketer should have.

Workshop: How to do Outbound Marketing for B2B Leads

The strength of outbound marketing lies in its ability to launch specific audience-focused programs at large scale with low effort thanks to automation tools. Find out how these tools and strategies will help take your company’s cosell marketing to an entirely new level. 

Ask Me Anything: Cosell Marketing Clinic

Our Cosell Marketing Clinic is your chance to ask any questions you might have to the leading voices in the cosell marketing with cloud hyperscalers space.

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Need details about the #CosellVelocity Digital Summit?

Is Cosell Velocity Summit right for me?

The Cosell Velocity Digital Summit is designed for Cosell Alliance Managers, SAAS and Digital Marketers, Partner Development Managers, CRO’s and CEO’s cosell GTM players and cloud solution decision makers who are looking to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how to deeply engage with cloud hyperscalers.

What if I can't make it?

Sign up anyway and you’ll be on our list to receive the full recordings roughly 7-10 days after the live broadcast.

What are your accessibility accommodations?

The Meylah team is eager to make sure that everyone can benefit from this summit. We will have closed captioning available for all panels, and the event will be held live in English. Our broadcast technology provider, BrightTALK, will also have subtitles during the broadcast. 

Where can I learn more about cosell marketing with hyperscaler ?

The organizer of the event, Meylah, has several resources on cosell marketing and how your business can get ready for working with hyperscalers. Visit their site here

How do I know if I am cosell marketing ready? Who do I talk to?

Start with FREE Cloud Cosell Marketing Assessment and schedule 1:1 meeting to explore what solutions to design and implement your cosell marketing plan. After that you'll have all the necessary tools and contacts to start running on your own with it.